Right-wing extremism

Protesters perform a

“Quenelle” fad: Jews beware

Anti-Semitism is very much alive in France, as shown by a violent far-right protest that drew some Muslim support and by an insulting arm gesture whose popularity is spreading like wildfire. Øyvind Strømmen In […]

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Troubled times for German NPD

IN DEPTH: “Is Germany’s far-right NPD set to self-destruct?” asks a recent article by Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle. While the answer is far from given, one of the oldest and more extreme […]

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LETTER BOMBS: Former engineer Franz Fuchs was charged with letter bomb attacks likened to those of the U.S. Unabomber. Here shouting while two officers escort him in the court room in Graz, Austria on Tuesday February 2, 1999. PHOTO: Helge O. Sommer/AP

A certain mythos

IN DEPTH: What does the story of Franz Fuchs tell us about lone-wolf terrorism? Øyvind Strømmen “My first thought was that it had been an execution,” Stefan Horvath later said, recalling the moment […]

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Nazi cell: “Actions not words!”

IN DEPTH: The string of murderous attacks that police now blame on the neo-Nazi National Socialist Underground (NSU) lasted more than a decade. The group’s violent downfall and the 10-count murder trial now […]

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Hate posts tied to politicians

The identities of thousands of anonymous commenters to the leading right-wing Swedish website Avpixlat have been leaked, revealing that a number of politicians have written hateful comments. Øyvind Strømmen It was previously disclosed […]

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