Hate Speech International is an independent network of journalists employing cooperative models of cross-border research into extremism, hate speech and hate crime.

Investigative reporting is indispensable to democracy. Freedom of speech and freedom of information are primary weapons against those who cynically misuse their own democratic freedoms in an attempt to violate basic human rights. Our goal is to create an international network of reporters and academics who investigate, analyse and report on hate speech and hate crime.

HSI was founded by Norwegian journalists Kjetil Stormark and Øyvind Strømmen in the spring of 2013. Initial funding for a twoyear pilot project has been provided by the Freedom of Expression Foundation (Fritt Ord) of Oslo as well as the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. HSI operates independently. We impose strict journalistic ethical guidelines on our projects and reporting. We also protect the identity of our sources.

Our belief is that the public has a right to know about people and organizations that systematically exploit freedom of speech in order to instigate conflict and/or violence. We map extremist networks and identify key players. We also try to identify factors that trigger radicalization and a willingness to employ violence in the political arena.

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