Work with us

We are looking for freelance reporters, IT experts and partners in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Would you like to become a part of our team? Or do you wish to suggest a research partnership for a project?

Institutional partners must have a desire to strengthen overall public knowledge and/or the media’s ability and willingness to report on extremism, extremists and extremist organizations in general and hate speech and hate crime in particular.

IT experts must have experience from automated data collection and database programming, MySQL or similar, as well as from solutions for integrating databases with data scraping tools, social mapping software and the creation of cross-references (within the database) to OCR scanned research documents in a secondary database.

Media organizations interested in partnering with us on research on a particular project may contact us at any time. We will consider partnerships with reliable and credible news organizations. You may approach us with a suggested project or an open application to be considered for projects initiated by HSI. We will respond to open applications only if we have a particular project we wish to discuss.

Freelance reporters must have knowledge and sources within the field of political extremism, as well as the ability and drive to research organizations, businesses and individuals. Please contact us with your CV and a description of your particular area of expertise. In some cases we may consider hiring freelancers for regional research, whether for the entire pilot project or a more limited period.

We are looking for partners and reporters with whom to team up on both short-term and long-term projects. All applications and requests will be kept confidential.

Send us an email at ks(at)hate-speech(dot)org.

Please encrypt the email if you wish to communicate sensitive information.

The PGP public key for Kjetil Stormark can be found at our contact page.