Are you a media professional with a project to investigate hate speech, hate crime and/or extremism, but lack the funds? Please contact us.

Send us an application with a brief description of the project, work methodology, your background and a budget. Maximum five to 10 pages.

We review grant applications as soon as they come in. However, due to our caseload, regular grant applications will have a processing time of about four to five weeks (except during the summer vacation period, when it will be somewhat longer).

If you wish to apply for a grant from Hate Speech International, you must agree to share your research and journalistic output with us, as well as to report back in a project memorandum on the results of your work. Hate Speech International must be given the right to use and/or publish your work in our web pages and/or other HSI publications. By submitting an application to us for a grant, you are accepting these terms.

Send the application to Executive Director Kjetil Stormark, through email: ks(at)hate-speech(dot)org

Sensitive information should always be encrypted.

PGP public key for Kjetil Stormark can be found on our contact page.

If you cannot send an encrypted email, please contact us to receive further instructions on how to proceed.