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PGP public key: Kjetil Stormark

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PGP public key: Oyvind Strommen

We protect whistleblowers: You decide whether to provide us with your identity or not. Remember that we always protect the identity of our sources, unless they agree to be named. All data, both text and files, will be transferred to a secure server using an encrypted and secure protocol for the transfer of data.

If you want to use extreme caution, you can also download and install Tor (The Onion Router – an anonymous Internet network) on your system to protect your IP address (and thereby your location) from being logged by any parties. Download Tor here.

ExtremeLeaksLogoIf you desire to send us documents and/or other files, please use our whistleblower platform This service, developed in cooperation with GlobaLeaks and The Onion Router (TOR) project, offers the safe upload of documents and automatic sanitation of all meta-data. No traffic/ip logs are kept for the site. You should always use TOR when entering, in order to avoid all phishing and intercept attempts.

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