Anton Shektovtsov

Members of the Azov batallion. Photo: John Færseth.

Ukraine’s far-right forces

ANALYSIS – The volunteer Azov Battalion, a paramilitary group whose emblem recalls Nazi imagery, has stirred heated debate since the Ukrainian government relied on it to recapture the strategic city of Mariupol from Russian-backed separatists […]

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Understanding Svoboda

“Svoboda was part of the Ukrainian revolution, but it was not their revolution.” HSI has spoken to Swedish historian Per Anders Rudling, an expert on Ukrainian and Belarusian nationalism. Øyvind Strømmen With the […]

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A multifaceted revolution

ANALYSIS: The role of the extreme right in the multifaceted, complex Ukrainian revolution should not be overrated. Neither should it be underestimated. Øyvind Strømmen In a recent essay in the New York Review […]

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