British National Party

Photo illustration: Pixabay (released into the public domain)

A well of hatred

Thomas Mair, the suspected assassin of British MP Jo Cox, might very well be a loner. That doesn’t mean he’s alone. Øyvind Strømmen 16 June 2016. Jo Cox, a British MP representing Labour, […]

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Sympathizers of the Sweden Democrats party leader Jimmie Åkesson who speaks on Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm May 24, 2014. (Photo: Frankie Fouganthin / Wiki Commons. Under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0).

EU earthquake? Not quite

ANALYSIS: The European Elections were not the watershed victory for the far right that the media makes them out to be. Cas Mudde Media reports on far-right gains in the 2014 European elections […]

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A multifaceted revolution

ANALYSIS: The role of the extreme right in the multifaceted, complex Ukrainian revolution should not be overrated. Neither should it be underestimated. Øyvind Strømmen In a recent essay in the New York Review […]

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A new (order) Ukraine?

ANALYSIS: Now that the EU is set to embrace the new Ukrainian government and invest at least 1 billion euros in the “revolutionized” country, it is time to reinvestigate the question of far-right […]

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Tommy Robinson's

Tommy Robinson’s “conversion”

Last week EDL leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) abandoned the organization, stating that it had been taken over by extremist elements while he was incarcerated earlier this year. (more…)

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