Right-wing extremism

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A neo-Nazi leader no more

The founder and former leader of the Finnish Resistance Movement, Esa Henrik Holappa, has decided to leave the movement. He now denounces the neo-Nazi ideology and says he regrets ever being a part of the movement. […]

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Protesters at a Reclaim Australia rally in Sydney in April 2015. Photo: Anthony Brewster, CC-BY-SA 2.0.

Fear, loathing and factions

Chaos reigns on the Australian far right, where anti-Muslim ideas are mixed with anti-Semitism and old-school radical nationalism. Øyvind Strømmen BENDIGO is the name of a town in inland Victoria, Australia. Originally, it […]

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Hating Muslims – an HSI report

“Hating Muslims” is a report on hate crimes whose perpetrators deliberately target Muslims. During the five-year period covered by the report, the hate crimes examined include several terrorist attacks. Øyvind Strømmen The report – […]

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CasaPound demonstration. Photo: Pietro Chiocca. Released into the public domain.

The new fascists

ANALYSIS – CasaPound Italia has become one of the more successful organizations of the European far right by reframing fascist ideology, operating social welfare programmes and keeping other extremist groups at arm’s length. Is this a new […]

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Photo: Shutterstock. Copyrighted.

What hate speech is, and isn’t

Hate speech isn’t online “trolling” or bullying. Important distinctions must be made about an online culture that also includes debate, harassment and even radicalization. Kristian A. Bjørkelo For better or for worse, electronic […]

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