James Foley

Hicham Chaïb (left) is amongst those indicted with holding Jejoen Bontinck imprisoned. The picture, taken from Chaïb's now defunct Facebook profile, shows him with another Belgian, Brian De Mulder.

A trial in Antwerp

10 December was the last day of one of Europe’s biggest and most ambitious terrorism trials ever, taking place in the Belgian city of Antwerp. The prosecution wants radical Muslim organization Sharia4Belgium declared […]

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Illustration: (C) Shutterstock.

Belgian, Dutch jihadist link

Jihadists from Belgium and the Netherlands appear to have held American journalist James Foley during a period of his captivity in Syria. The leader of the captors, reportedly a Dutch-Moroccan, may himself have been executed […]

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Photo: Shutterstock / Popartic. Copyrighted.

Moved before rescue attempt

ISIL moved several western hostages from Raqqa to a holding facility east of Aleppo only weeks before the failed US attempt to rescue journalist James Foley and others, according to credible information obtained […]

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