Hezbollah flag (Photo: AgfaPhoto GmbH, Flickr, CC BY 2.0)

Hezbollah at a crossroads

ANALYSIS ­– With the Middle East in turmoil, the “Party of God” is transforming from an anti-Israel militia to a regional actor heavily invested in the Syrian civil war and resembling a conventional […]

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Rescue attempt6

Yemeni fury over US raid

Luke Somers and Pierre Korkie were held hostage by the Al-Awlaki tribe in Yemen. “Poor operational planning of the US rescue raid caused the death of the hostages,” a high-ranking security official in […]

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Thousands flee in Yemen

Ali El-Sha’bani YEMEN: Roughly 10,000 Salafi Sunni Muslims have been forced to abandon their homes in northern Yemen’s town of Dammaj and flee to rough conditions and cold nights in the capital due […]

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