Deso Dogg by foto di matti

From rap to jihad

He used to be Deso Dogg, a somewhat successful rapper. Today, he is called Abu Maleeq, and he is being featured in Islamist propaganda material from Syria. (more…)

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The cover of one of the books downloaded by the younger Tsarnaev brother.

Boston bombers’ reading list

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev,  the younger of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, downloaded and read  variety of literature held in high regard by extreme Islamists before the Boston bombings. The indictment against Tsnarnaev – whose […]

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Headline from Het Laatste Nieuws, 18. May 2013: "Within a few weeks we will blow up the Law Courts of Brussels".

Syria drawing radicals from afar

A recent report by researchers Aaron Y. Zellin, Evan F. Kohlmann and Laith al-Khouri highlights the role of foreign fighters amongst the Syrian rebel forces. The researchers found that a large number of […]

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