Mapping Libya’s Jihadists

Six years after protests first erupted in February 2011 against the brutal and repressive rule of Colonel Muammar al-Qadhafi, Libya remains a country beset by deepening political fragmentation, bloody internecine conflict and accelerating […]

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CHILD CAMPS: The Islamic State (IS) has several training camps designated for child soldiers. The extremist organization is now building an army of children.

New IS child army

The Islamic State (IS) is reportedly building an army of 11- to 16-year-olds, under the command of a French 15-year-old, sources tell HSI. The extremist group may be considering deploying the child army to the […]

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ENTERING RAQQA: Jihadist fighters from ISIL entering into Raqqa in January 2014, after fierce fighting between ISIL and Jabhat Al Nusra.

US role seen in Syria attack

Military forces in recent days have repeatedly attacked a Syrian ISIL training and military camp named after Osama Bin Laden, according to eyewitnesses. Two assault team members were said to have been killed in one of […]

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SPIRITUAL LEADER: Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman - referred to by international media as The Blind Sheikh - is imprisoned in the USA. The sheikh is the former spiritual leader of Egypt's largest Islamic extremist fundamentalist group Jamaa Islamiyya. Here photographed during a news conference in Jersey City. When the sheikh fell sick in December 2006, FBI warned that the death of the sheikh could lead Al-Qaeda to launch terror attacks against the US in reprisal. PHOTOS: Don Emmert/AP and Hate Speech Int.

Fight and win paradise

A recruitment brochure provides a unique glimpse into the world of jihadist headhunters, who lure young fighters to the Syrian civil war by quoting a charismatic blind sheikh imprisoned in connection with the […]

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varg vikernes promopicture 2

“Heathen” zealot held in France

The Norwegian right-wing extremist Varg Vikernes, a musician and devotee of Old Norse tradition, was detained in France on Tuesday morning on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack, though no charges have been […]

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