An Royal Air Force strike on the Qayyarah bridge. Courtesy of the UK Ministry of Defence.

The bombers and the bombed

ANALYSIS: Cross-referencing the videos published by the US-led coalition and by A’maq, the Islamic State’s most important auxiliary media wing, can provide us with insight into how civilians are caught in the crossfire. […]

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SPEAKS OUT: One of the former key players in the openly neo nazi Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM), Esa Henrik Holappa breaks off with his past in the international national socialist movement. Photo: KJETIL STORMARK/HATE SPEECH INTERNATIONAL

A world of hatred

Right-wing extremists around the world have well-functioning networks. Through these they spread information, music and propaganda. They cooperate and provide assistance to one another. Due in part to such cooperation, more and more […]

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In this Jan. 10, 2011 file photo Massachusetts-based evangelist Scott Lively is seen during an interview at the Springfield Republican newspaper offices, in Springfield, Mass.  The Center for Constitutional Rights filed a lawsuit against Lively in Federal Court in Springfield Wednesday, March 14, 2012, alleging that he has waged a decades-long campaign to persecute gays in Uganda. (AP Photo/Springfield Union News, Mark Murray, File)

Homophobia exported

American anti-gay activists play a role in promoting anti-gay legislation around the world. Øyvind Strømmen Like a number of other Caribbean countries, Jamaica retains colonial-age legislation against male same-sex sexual activity. Homophobia is […]

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