social media


The IS media jihad

Tech-savvy young media producers are boosting the Islamic State’s allure with increasingly competent presentation skills and graphics to enhance the brutal videos that have long been a staple. A video-game ethos is part […]

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Facebook jihadists

IN DEPTH: The Facebook profiles of online jihadists reveal a struggle to balance the lures of Western entertainment and technology with strict Islamic identity. (more…)

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Tommy Robinson's

Tommy Robinson’s “conversion”

Last week EDL leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) abandoned the organization, stating that it had been taken over by extremist elements while he was incarcerated earlier this year. (more…)

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Oyvind Strommen c

Meanwhile in Japan

The Japanese anti-Korean group Zaitokukai was born on the Internet, and has taken to the streets with racist and violent slogans, targeting both Koreans and other minorities. It all sounds somewhat familiar. Øyvind […]

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Deso Dogg by foto di matti

From rap to jihad

He used to be Deso Dogg, a somewhat successful rapper. Today, he is called Abu Maleeq, and he is being featured in Islamist propaganda material from Syria. (more…)

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