Arslan Ubaydullah Hussain in court (Photo: Thomas Winje Øijord / NTB scanpix)

Norwegian Islamist convicted

Arslan Ubaydullah Hussain, a central activist in the Norwegian Islamist group Profetens Ummah (The Ummah of the Prophet) has been convicted in Oslo District Court of making threats and hate speech. Øyvind Strømmen […]

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SPIRITUAL LEADER: Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman - referred to by international media as The Blind Sheikh - is imprisoned in the USA. The sheikh is the former spiritual leader of Egypt's largest Islamic extremist fundamentalist group Jamaa Islamiyya. Here photographed during a news conference in Jersey City. When the sheikh fell sick in December 2006, FBI warned that the death of the sheikh could lead Al-Qaeda to launch terror attacks against the US in reprisal. PHOTOS: Don Emmert/AP and Hate Speech Int.

Fight and win paradise

A recruitment brochure provides a unique glimpse into the world of jihadist headhunters, who lure young fighters to the Syrian civil war by quoting a charismatic blind sheikh imprisoned in connection with the […]

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Thousands flee in Yemen

Ali El-Sha’bani YEMEN: Roughly 10,000 Salafi Sunni Muslims have been forced to abandon their homes in northern Yemen’s town of Dammaj and flee to rough conditions and cold nights in the capital due […]

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From Sinai, with hate

CAIRO – With violence engulfing Cairo over the weekend, the Egyptian military never took its eye off of the northern Sinai Peninsula, 300 kilometres to the northeast. It’s a lawless, angry place, and […]

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Charity raided in al-Qaeda hunt

The Turkish charity Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) has been accused of smuggling weapons in support of al-Qaeda in Turkey. Lars Akerhaug On the 1st of January 2014, Turkish authorities stopped a truck they […]

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